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 on: Today at 08:39:58 AM 
Started by paulg - Last post by paulg
Hallo everyone,

I'm experiencing a strange issue, using merged cells containing text I've seen that if the text in a merged column is very long, the final result is the misalignment of the horizontal rows. As you can see in the attached picture, the upper table is fine while the lower not. More in detail, you can see how the height of the first merged cell from the second row is bigger than the corresponding first (merged) cell of the first row. In fact the correct height for the column description is 2 rows as for the Item column, cell with A 4.5-3a/1.

After a lot of investigation, I found that expanding the width of Description column reduces the abnormous  height of the cell until it fixes it.

I tried to set the options  autoRowHeight: "false",  nowrap: "true", for all tables but didn't work.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Anyone got news for that issue ?

 on: Today at 08:03:22 AM 
Started by Pierre - Last post by Pierre
I try to override panel defaults:
$.extend($.fn.panel.defaults, {
  openDuration: 200,
  closeDuration: 200
but it does not work - how to override it, please?
Thank you.

 on: Today at 04:07:13 AM 
Started by saurabh - Last post by saurabh
If i don't use load filter it takes more than 5 mins to load rows on internet explorer!!

 on: Today at 02:41:03 AM 
Started by saurabh - Last post by stworthy
You don't need to override the 'loadFilter' function. This example works fine.


 on: Today at 01:25:25 AM 
Started by saurabh - Last post by saurabh
Hello Hero Administrator,
                   Thanks for reply!! but this code doesn't seems to work with  won't seem to work with myLoadFilter

function myLoadFilter(data,parentId){
         function setData(data){
            var todo = [];
            for(var i=0; i<data.length; i++){
               var node = todo.shift();
               if (node.children && node.children.length){
                  node.state = 'closed';
                  node.children1 = node.children;
                  node.children = undefined;
                  todo = todo.concat(node.children1);
         var tg = $(this);
         var opts = tg.treegrid('options');
         opts.onBeforeExpand = function(row){
            if (row.children1){
                  parent: row[opts.idField],
                  data: row.children1
               row.children1 = undefined;
               tg.treegrid('expand', row[opts.idField]);
            return row.children1 == undefined;
         return data;

and is there any way so that i can reduce more load time with treegrid

 on: Today at 12:34:20 AM 
Started by danny36 - Last post by danny36
I try with this but every time I click to change panels the event it's fired and show console.log message instead only when I switch to the #panel-classifica.

        onOpen: function(title,index){

            console.log('pannello caricato');
            return false;   // prevent from closing

 on: July 25, 2017, 06:13:28 PM 
Started by saurabh - Last post by stworthy
The filter extension has the build-in client-paging functionality. You don't need to call the 'clientPaging' method again. Please look at this example http://code.reloado.com/ororov4/edit#preview

 on: July 25, 2017, 05:32:15 PM 
Started by danny36 - Last post by stworthy
The navpanel component extends from panel component, you can bind the 'onOpen' or 'onClose' events on it.

 on: July 25, 2017, 05:22:07 PM 
Started by jsanchez - Last post by stworthy
Use the 'formatter' function to embed an <iframe> to display your file's content. Please try this code.
<th data-options="field:'documentoRepositorioFormRepositorio',width:250,
    formatter: function(value,row){
      var url = ...;
      var s = '<iframe src=\''+url+'\' style=\'width:100%;height:100px\'></iframe>';
      return s;
    }"> Documento </th>

 on: July 25, 2017, 03:39:55 PM 
Started by jega - Last post by jega

If i have this line

<input id="test1" class="easyui-textbox" data-options=""><input id="test2" class="easyui-textbox" data-options="'">

It makes the two textboxes beside eachother, but when i add a label

<input id="test1" class="easyui-textbox" data-options="label:'Test1',labelPosition:'top'"><input id="test2" class="easyui-textbox" data-options="label:'Test2',labelPosition:'top'">

they are in two lines.

I need label and both in same line

Any help....

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