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1  General Category / EasyUI for jQuery / Combogrid multiple select options to send values and load values on: February 03, 2022, 10:10:26 AM
How to use combogrid with multiple select options to send values in form and load values on load form for edit?
I Have my code ;

<select required="" class="easyui-combogrid combogrid-f combo-f textbox-f" id="contracts_tickets" style="width: 100%; display: none;" data-options="
panelWidth: '20%',
idField: 'phc_cognitive_contracts',
textField: 'local_contracts',
url: 'lib/tableActions.php?table=contracts',
columns: [[{'field':'phc_cognitive_contracts','title':'<b lang=en>Phc cognitive</b>','sortable':'true'},{'field':'commercial_name_contracts','title':'<b lang=en>Commercial name</b>','sortable':'true'},{'field':'telefonica_contracts','title':'<b lang=en>Telefonica</b>','sortable':'true'},{'field':'local_contracts','title':'<b lang=en>Local</b>','sortable':'true'}]],
fitColumns: true,
label: '<b lang=en>Contracts</b>',
labelPosition: 'top'
" textboxname="contracts_tickets[]" comboname="contracts_tickets[]">

If I use on tag name contracts_tickets[] I can save the multiples values on my database with comma separated values.
But I can't load the values on form load

If I use just the name contracts_tickets without [] send with same name the multiple values for form but I only can save the last value and it's possible to load at least one value on form load for edit.

Can you help me?
thanks in advance
2  General Category / EasyUI for jQuery / Re: Editable multiple rows of Easyui Datagrid on: October 08, 2021, 04:15:59 AM
Hi. Is it possible to edit multiples rows but with multiples dialog forms? Like you select multiples rows on dataGrid and hit edit opens multiples dialog boxes with form to edit for each selected row on datagrid. Thanks in advance
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