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Author Topic: unpolished diamond  (Read 4123 times)
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« on: February 02, 2017, 09:55:15 AM »

Hi Staff,

I think easyui is really a great lib. There is really a lot of neat stuff inside.  Grin

However, how it's presented is a bit lacking and leaves a poor impression. Here are relatively simple changes IMHO that may drastically improve how easyui is perceived (hence sell better too).

1. The screenshots on the front page are simply ugly and outdated. For some people it may already be reason to leave.

2. You mobile theme looks good! Dunno if it works for every widget, but my first impression was that it did and looks much better on desktop too. Make it the default! (and the one without it would be called "condensed"). The mobile theme looks better and is more trendy. Using it in the examples, screenshots, theme roller would be great!

3. In the free license, add a tiny link "powered by jeasyui.com" popping up in the corner of the page when the script loads.

4. Split you commercial license into 2 groups:
- pro: 1 dev, 1 site, community support, 200$
- enterprise: 5 devs, unlimited sites, dedicated support, source, 800$ or so
...small developers may be more inclined to spend the small license and companies will without fuss pay for the bigger license.

5. Provide a x% promotion if they provide you a testinomial so that you can showcase who is using it.

6. Categorize your demos in: layout / form / data / misc, and sort them alphabetically. Ideally with a small icon instead of the gears.

7. Feature wise, I'd say key navigation is on the top spot. There are several examples in the forum, but it's really a pity it's not enabled by default.

...my 2 cents. Besides of this, good work guys!

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