Freeware License

This license agreement refers to EasyUI for jQuery software - Freeware License.

The EasyUI Team grants to you a limited, non-transferable and non-exclusive right to use, royalty-free, copy and redistribute the software.

The governmental entities are not allowed to use this freeware license.

The licensee has the right to use the software for a non-profit projects/sites. There are no limitations on the number of non-profit projects/sites you can use the software in, you can use it on any number of non-profit projects/sites you need. There is no time limit, you can use the software for any period of time you need. There is no restriction while you are developing your solution. There are no royalties of any kind involved.

The licensee is allowed to copy and redistribute the software but you may not:

a) Distribute the modified software or part(s) of it as a standalone application.
b) Sublicense, rent, lease or lend any portion of the software as a standalone application.
c) Modify or remove any copyright notices from any of the software files.

The EasyUI Team retains all ownership rights to the software.