Load EasyUI module
Load script from an absolute url
Load script from relative url


Name Type Description Default
modules object Predefined modules.
locales object Predefined locales.
base string The easyui base directory, must end with '/'. The base directory will be auto setted relative to easyload.js
theme string The name of theme that defined in 'themes' directory default
css boolean Defines if loading css file when loading module true
locale string The locale name null
timeout number Timeout value in milliseconds. Fires if a timeout occurs. 2000

Defined locales

  • af
  • bg
  • ca
  • cs
  • cz
  • da
  • de
  • en
  • es
  • fr
  • nl
  • tr
  • zh_CN
  • zh_TW


Name Parameters Description
onProgress name Fires when a module is loaded successfully.
onLoad name Fires when a module and it's dependencies are loaded successfully.


Name Parameter Description
load module, callback Load the specified module. When load success a callback function will be called.
The module parameter valid type are:
a single module name
an module array
a css file that end with '.css'
a js file that end with '.js'