Override defaults with $.fn.sidemenu.defaults.


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  • tooltip


Create sidemenu from markup.

Create sidemenu using javascript.


Name Type Description Default
width number The width of sidemenu component. 200
height number The height of sidemenu component. auto
border boolean Defines if to show the border. true
animate boolean Defines if to show animation effect when expand or collapse menus. true
multiple boolean True to enable expanding multiple panels at one time. true
data array The menu data to display. null
floatMenuWidth number The float menu width. 200
floatMenuPosition string The float menu position. Available values are: 'left','right'. right


Name Parameters Description
onSelect item Fires when a menu is selected.


Name Parameter Description
options none Return the options of sidemenu.
resize {width,height} Resize the sidemenu.
collapse none Collapse the sidemenu.
expand none Expand the sidemenu.
destroy none Destroy the sidemenu.