Extend from $.fn.panel.defaults. Override defaults with $.fn.window.defaults.

The window is a floated and draggable panel that can be used as an application window. By default a window can be moved, resized and closed. Its content can also be defined with either as static html or loaded dynamically via ajax.


  • draggable
  • resizable
  • panel

Usage Example

Create Window

1. Create window from markup.

2. Create window using javascript.

3. Create window with complext layout.

As usual you can define the window layout. The example below shows how to split window area into two parts: the north and center.

Some actions with window

Open and close window.

Load window content via ajax.


The properties extend from panel, below is the overridden and added properties for window.

Name Type Description Default
title string The window title text. New Window
collapsible boolean Defines if to show collapsible button. true
minimizable boolean Defines if to show minimizable button. true
maximizable boolean Defines if to show maximizable button. true
closable boolean Defines if to show closable button. true
closed boolean Defined if to close the window. false
zIndex number Window z-index,increase from it. 9000
draggable boolean Defines if window can be dragged. true
resizable boolean Defines if window can be resized. true
shadow boolean If set to true,when window show the shadow will show also. true
inline boolean Defines how to stay the window, true to stay inside its parent, false to go on top of all elements. false
modal boolean Defines if window is a modal window. false
border boolean,string Defines the window border style. Possible values are: true,false,'thin','thick'. true
constrain boolean Defines if to constrain the window position. Available since version 1.5. false


The events extend from panel.


The methods extend from panel, below is the added methods for window.

Name Parameter Description
window none Return the outer window object.
hcenter none Center the window only horizontally. Available since version 1.3.1.
vcenter none Center the window only vertically. Available since version 1.3.1.
center none Center the window on screen. Available since version 1.3.1.