Download jQuery EasyUI 1.5.1

jQuery EasyUI framework helps you build your web pages easily.


  • datagrid: The selecting and checking flags will lose after calling 'updateRow' method. fixed.
  • tabs: The trip tools have a wrong position when calling 'update' method. fixed.
  • window: When the height is set to 'auto', it will disappear after moving the window. fixed.
  • messager: When display the progress message window and then close it immediately, an exception occurs. fixed.
  • form: The 'clear' method does not clear the selected drop-down items of the combobox. fixed.
  • textbox: The 'cls' property is available to add a custom style to textbox.
  • numberbox: Allow the user to format currency in Italian.
  • combo: Add 'multivalue' property that allows the user to determine how to submit the multiple values.
  • combobox: Add 'reversed' property.
  • combobox: Add 'onClick' event.
  • combogrid: Add 'reversed' property.
  • treegrid: Enable multiple selection with the shift key.
New Plugins
  • tagbox: Allows the user to add tags to a form field.

Download EasyUI Package

There are two editions of EasyUI package:

Freeware Edition

The Freeware Edition is available under Freeware License, you can use it in any freeware-licensed projects. Download jQuery EasyUI under freeware license:


Commercial Edition

The Commercial Edition is also available under Commercial License, you can use it in a commercial project.


Other Versions

The other released versions of jQuery EasyUI are also available. Click here to view a listing and choose which version you would like to download.