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jQuery EasyUI framework helps you build your web pages easily.


  • tabs: The selecting history has wrong order when the title contains complex elements. fixed.
  • combo: The drop-down panel may not be hidden if a bigger 'delay' value is set. fixed.
  • layout: The expanding panel does not collapse when move mouse quickly away from it. fixed.
  • tagbox: The tagbox and the label don't stay in the same line. fixed.
  • combo: The 'blur' event handler is attached to the 'inputEvents' property.
  • numberbox: The 'cloneFrom' method is available.
  • slider: The 'step' property can be set with a floating number.
  • menu: The 'findItem' method allows the user to find menu item by any parameters.
  • menubutton: Add 'showEvent' and 'hideEvent' properties.
New Plugins
  • maskedbox: The maskedbox enforces its structure as the user types.

Download EasyUI Package

There are two editions of EasyUI package:

Freeware Edition

The Freeware Edition is available under Freeware License, you can use it in any freeware-licensed projects. Download jQuery EasyUI under freeware license:


Commercial Edition

The Commercial Edition is also available under Commercial License, you can use it in a commercial project.


Other Versions

The other released versions of jQuery EasyUI are also available. Click here to view a listing and choose which version you would like to download.