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jQuery EasyUI framework helps you build your web pages easily.


  • sidemenu: The tooltip has a wrong position when the 'floatMenuPosition' is set to 'left'. fixed
  • datagrid: The horizontal scrollbar has a wrong state when the 'showHeader' is set to true. fixed.
  • combo: The initialized value will trigger the form's 'onChange' event when the 'multiple' is set to true. fixed.
  • panel: The horizontal panel doesn't work normally when 'noheader' property is set to true. fixed.
  • pagination: The extended buttons may lose in IE when rebuild the component. fixed.
  • tree: Add 'findBy' method to find a node by any fields.
  • tree: The 'find' method is enhanced to find a node easily.
  • combo: Add 'panelValign' property.
  • datagrid: The sorting parameters will be ignored when the 'remoteSort' is set to false.
  • timespinner: Add 'hour12' property to display in 12 hour format.

Download EasyUI Package

There are two editions of EasyUI package:

Freeware Edition

The Freeware Edition is available under Freeware License, you can use it in any freeware-licensed projects. Download jQuery EasyUI under freeware license:


Commercial Edition

The Commercial Edition is also available under Commercial License, you can use it in a commercial project.


Other Versions

The other released versions of jQuery EasyUI are also available. Click here to view a listing and choose which version you would like to download.